ACT 6: Credit where credits are due...!

Chris Barltrop's one-man play Audacious Mr Astley sketches the beginnings of Philip Astley's career - first as a horse-soldier, then as a trick rider, and onward as a showman and entrepreneur.  

Like Astley himself, whose wife was instrumental in helping him launch his show-business career, the writer has received help and support from many others.  A big thank you to:

Zippo’s Circus for sponsorship ; Mrs Mary Barltrop for generous financial support ; Farthingale Costumes, Bath  ; Tinton Brothers Joinery, Bromyard ; Robert Fossett ; Barbara Barltrop ; Rebecca Farkas ; Charlotte Barltrop ; Izzy Farkas; James Rubery ; Liz Darcy Jones ; Noëlle Leigh ; David Alpin; Eric Leigh; Clare 'Carly' Church; Alwyn Weaver.

LEOMINSTER Preview performance: Jonathan Bland, Lighting; David Bland, Churchwarden and invaluable sound expert; Trish Marsh, marketer and publicist. 

Lambeth Estate Residents' Association, on the site of Astley's "Ha'penny Hatch", for their enthusiastic support, including provision & mounting (at last!) of a commemorative plaque.

Gerald Armin / Waterloo East Theatre 

VIDEOGRAPHY:  Mick Foley Films 

PAINTING of the Battle of Emsdorf by David Rowlands.  Displayed by kind permission of the artist.    

MUSIC recorded at the Plough, Prestbury GL52 3BG and used with the players’ permission (listen below to Astley's Ride, written for use by Astley himself at his Amphitheatre!)

PREMIERE of the play on Easter Monday 2018 at Waterloo East Theatre, Brad St., Lambeth SE1 8TN, a  few yards from the site of Astley's first 'Ride' at Ha'penny Hatch.