ACT 5: Poems about the circus - a unique resource

The Centre for Circus Culture is delighted to confirm it has been invited and accepted 'Co-Stewardship’ of ‘The Circus Ground’ in Liz Darcy Jones’s spoken word listening ‘soundscape’, Wild Poplars.

Since a circus often finds itself on a site waiting to be built on, it’s unsurprising that ‘The Circus Ground’ is the first space to open at Wild Poplars. We love the idea of supporting fellow artists and poets who have a shared interest in circus through this unique form of engagement.

And we understand we’ll be sharing our ‘Stewardship’ with one of Britain’s most beloved and famous circuses, the celebrated Zippo’s!

The people, colour and sounds which are everything 'circus' came to life in September 2018.  Here's a small sample.  For more, go to