The first job I had in the circus wasn't as ringmaster.  I was what we call a 'biller'.  A team of billers work two or three weeks ahead of the circus arriving in each town.  Their job is to visit every shop and business establishment and persuade the owner to let them put up a circus poster, hopefully in a prominent position so passers-by can't avoid seeing it.

Being a biller was a great grounding in PR and marketing!  As my circus career developed, I learned to deal with the Press; not just placing adverts in the papers, but letting editors know interesting stories about the circus and its people, so that readers and listeners and sometimes viewers had their interest wakened.  

Taking time out from my circus life, I was appointed Marketing Manager at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, achieving UK-wide TV and Press coverage when the theatre reopened after refurbishment.

'Press calls'; TV appearances; publicity stunts; all have become second nature, based on my knowledge of what makes a good story.   

You could be part of the story.  Just ask...